Current Show: 'Fit to Print'

September 19th-November


What is a Fine Art Print?

This question comes up almost every day as the gallery has many 'fine art printers' among the artists. Our upcoming show gives you, the viewer, a chance to see an incredible array of printing styles, contemporary takes on traditional methods, and learn about why these are such a great art form.


'Arial Counterpoint III'

Amy Royce is one of the feature artists for this show for good reason; a wealth of experience experimenting with printmaking techniques combined with the contemporary, creative application in encaustic. Her latest body of work, debuting in this show, combines sculptural forms of substrate with printmaking to present unique dimensions and textures.


'Infectious Ideas'

We are treated to a few different printing techniques to build this piece by Kindra Crick. Three printing applications and 'chine colle' thrown in for good measure constructs a refreshingly different piece of artwork to view and contemplate. To learn more about the steps, stay tuned and come to the show to see the results first hand.


Work new and old from Amy Royce on the left; Sculptural, 3D encaustic/prints co-mingle with a gallery favorite diptyche encaustic. Ron Zaneveld's prints and paintings hail from the back wall, and the intro to the show at the front door is on the right side of the picture. Works by Michael Guerriero, Amy Royce, Kindra Crick, Michael Main, and Jacob of 'YoungAmericans' adorn that wall.


  Feature artist, Amy Royce, treats us to a completely new body of work that are 'plaster prints'. These sculptural wall pieces have 3D appeal like nothing you've seen before. 


Susan Farnham used newspaper printing plates to create the two pieces seen on the wall to the right of the picture. Her exploration of repetition of form within the painting seems to echo the original purpose of the substrate. Susan also paints many renderings of 'prayer flags'. These are multi colored printed fabric flags that are hung from the trees of Nepal and elsewhere. Prayers are printed on the flags so that the wind that blows them takes the prayers to the heavens. They are left up in the trees until all the printing is worn off and the fabric disintegrates. This is a wonderful 'start and finish' to the ideas behind the 'Fit to Print' show. 


Serigraphs by Michael Guerriero

Serigraphs are one of the printed forms of art we get asked about most. The precision in many of these pieces stymies the viewer into thinking they're looking at a manipulated photo. Michael creates screens for each color and blend, applying these in layers (thereby the serial in 'seri-graph'), so as to make the end resulting image. His work ranges from realistic to surreal and framed to a wonderful bin of unframed possibilities to peruse.


Array of prints by Ron Zaneveld

New work by Amy Royce, Michael Guerriero, Kindra Crick, Ron Zaneveld, Karen Britt and Robert West will be featured for this show. Print oriented work by Judy Miller Johnson, Susan Farnham, Rhonda Chase, Laura Aldridge, and others provide the spectrum of work and applications of the media. 

  • Demonstrations in Woodblock Printing and ongoing studio time generating fine art prints will be performed by Karen Britt.
  • Interpretive sections of the gallery will help you understand the different printmaking methods.
  • An Interactive Printmaking Station gets you into the printmaking too.
  • Check back here for details and updates on the show.

Contact us with any questions about this show.