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The Ozone is a gallery that doubles as a jewelry studio where Karen Britt creates hand crafted art jewelry designs daily. Karen finds rough Oregon native stones and performs the lapidary (hand polishing) to make them into gems. Each gemstone is ‘one of a kind’ so every hand fabricated jewelry piece is a unique and artistic statement.

Rock Fish and Stone Stack Cairns for your Summer Beach experience:

Holley Blue Agate, Plume, and Sunstone

This is a dainty truffle sampler of the good stuff in gentle hues of lavender and champagne from Oregon. Holley Blue Agate is rare and found on the West side of the Cascades if you’re lucky. This stone was found by friends and paired with an equally rare and unusual Marcasite Plume Agate from Eastern Oregon that boasts little glitter fields through the upper portion of the lavender/blue triangle. The 4mm hand polished Sunstone from Southern Oregon is the cherry on the Sunday having its own schiller light. The whole thing is set in an asymmetrical sculpted Fine Silver setting for contemporary flare.

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Golden Sunstone and Thunder Opal

I finally got my hands on some Oregon Sunstone and its even more alluring than I expected. This particular stone is champagne clear with an interesting inclusion on the lower 1/3 that throws rainbows. It took such a lovely polish in an asymmetrical facet design that really allows it to glow and shine. The upper stone is a Thunder Egg Common Opal from Central Oregon that glows with its own held light in a slightly yellow-green tint. To top it all off, the Fine and Sterling Silver carved setting is treated to some 23.5k Gold Keum Boo in celebration.

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Blue Rock Fish

This Blue Thunder Egg Agate Rock Fish swam out of the Blue Bed at Richardson’s Rock Ranch in Central Oregon. Varying colors of blue-gray tinted agate band together with a dark blue section containing a white ‘eye’. Layers of Fine Silver, Sterling, and Copper are carved and sculpted to create the setting for this sweet little fish.

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