New Jewelry

The Ozone is a gallery that doubles as a jewelry studio where Karen Britt creates fresh, one of a kind, hand made jewelry designs daily. New works appear here and visit our Available Jewelry for purchase section to see more eye candy. 

Textures, Contrast, and Fun


Of All the Stars in the Sky

There are a few special ones. These are treated in Keum Boo: 23.5k Gold on Fine Silver. They glow like radiant stars with glittering Fine Silver stars around them in the dark night sky. A patina on Copper creates that deep space while Sterling Silver wires hang this celestial scene from your ears.


Poetic Parigee

This piece is poetic parigee; three Sterling silver satellites in line with an Angel Plume Agate Star held by Fine Silver. Paths of orbit are tracked in Sterling Silver and Copper while the darkness of potassium sulfate patina create the depths of space. Free Trade Greek Leather and Sterling Silver keep this orbit securely around your neck. SOLD


Illuminated Wave Theory

Plume Agates with a glowing sunny hue float on black patina amid the undulating Sterling Silver Wave. Did their energy start the wave or was it the warm, copper energy on the other side? Hammered Copper, Sterling, Fine Silver and Plume Agate bring you this act in the 'Big Play'.