New Jewelry

The Ozone is a gallery that doubles as a jewelry studio where Karen Britt creates fresh, hand made jewelry designs daily. New works appear here and visit our Available Jewelry for purchase section to see more eye candy. 

Lines and Simplicity


Songs of stones

Springing forth like musical notes are these stones, all from Thunder Egg Agate and Common Opal. Curving and dancing like a melody, the hand polished stones swing on sterling silver and copper.  Each stone is banded from the 'waterlines' of Thunder Eggs from Central Oregon to bring music to your ears.


Fresh Streams for Fingers

A classic line for your digits, these rings are all about the stones and simple design. Fabricated from heavy Sterling Silver, each gemstone is hand polished and held in a Fine Silver setting. Moss Agate, Thunder Egg, Opal, and Plume Agate are all making their appearances in this body of work.


Agate Arcs

These Plume Agates from Eastern Oregon are fixed to the beautiful curve of a Sterling Silver and Copper arc. Nestled in the curl, these will hit a great circular plane when swinging from your your ears, just like curls in your hair.