There are many ways to make a print. Specifically, there are some very cool ways to make a fine art print and we'll show you a few here.


Prints of all kinds

In the 'Fit to Print' show, we showcase several different kinds of printmaking techniques. Seen here are at least four; Plaster Printmaking, Encaustic Collograph and Monoprinting, and Serigraphs. Between traditional and contemporary styles, the breadth of artistic creation and vision is limitless.


Wood Block Printing

This is a technique that I personally learned by watching my mom when I was practically an infant. She would prepare the wood to either show the grains or to be perfectly smooth and then do the opposite of her image so when she printed it, it would be the correct orientation (that means signing it backwards!).


Wood Cutting

This or Mono-printing is what you'll see when you come into the gallery during the 'Fit to Print' show. People ask me how the Wood Blocks are created, here's how. First, one makes a drawing of the desired image in the opposite of how it will print.


Art on 

Once the image is on the block, it's up to the artist to carve the image, or at least the white parts that will be reserved when ink is on the 'plate'. In this case, the foam of the surf, the sun glimmering on the wave, and the shape of the board is carved.


Hand Inked and Pulled

Each time a print is to be pulled, the block is hand inked with brushes. Every print turns out to be an individual painting by its nature. After the block is prepared with ink, it is hand pressed in the most antiquated way; literally pressed with a stone. This gives the artist the most control over the impression of the print.


Seen here are 'Monoprints'. This means that the print is going to be the only one of it's kind ever. These prints were pulled directly from inked botanical specimens. Each flower or leaf is hand inked with brushes, laid into a composition, then printed for a totally unique piece. Currently, these are being offered as art cards that are a great gift to give or send and the recipient may frame (5"x7" ready, envelope included).