Kindra Crick

Encaustic, Mixed Media, Printmaker


Constellation of thought

Kindra Crick is a multi-talented artist that just happens to be well versed in the realm of science. Many of her pieces strike the viewer as right brain responses to left brain concepts in a lovely combination. One of her main media choices, encaustic, is among of the more challenging and chemistry oriented paint techniques.


Infectious Ideas

Many ideas infected 'Infectious Ideas'. It's riddled with different approaches to printing and media application. This piece is a registered layering of prints taking it from a mono-print to an encaustic collagraph with 'chine colle'. The end result is a piece that leaves the viewer engaged by the visual content and wondering exactly how the artist achieved the end result. When comparing a few of Kindra's pieces, one can see the repetition of the images generated by the printing process.


A Fine Specimen

Kindra has worked with concepts related to our environment and our ties within. This piece as well as an entire body of work dedicated to water reclamation is part of her inspired message.

Encaustic and Printmaking


Encaustic is the use of molten wax, pigmentation, and resin in paint form to create an image. Many times a strata of paint layers are built up for an incredible refraction effect. In addition, prints and other media may be suspended within the layers creating a unique structure and artistic expression.


Science in Numbers

Kindra Crick currently resides in Portland, Oregon. She is featured in the 'Fit  to Print' show and will be spending an Artist in Residency concurrently at the Sitka Center doing printmaking. About half way through the show we should be graced with some of the spoils of her experience there. Stay tuned.