Karen Britt

Karen is co-founder of Ozone Fine Art with Bruce Johnson. She works in Oil, mixed media, printmaking, jewelry design, and the lapidary arts to name a few. 


Oil Painting/Mixed Media

'There are certain techniques with oil alone that create depth and radiance that make the canvas deliciously colorful and luminous like hard candy'. The process is slow, usually only a few to be seen at the gallery at any given time. Meanwhile, experiments pop up in pastel, acrylic, watercolor, encaustic and other media. 


Jewelry Design/Lapidary Arts

Karen uses the studio space of the Ozone to create gemstones from indigenous rock and complete them into jewelry with unique settings. Different kinds of stones move through the jewelry bench like a paint palette, depending on what was polished, so the offerings differ from batch to batch. 



Karen grew up around fine art printmaking as her mother specialized in Woodcuts, Etchings and Mezzotints. Some of her earliest memories are of different techniques to achieve varying results that she is now able to use on her current body of work. Karen creates wood blocks and pulls prints from them many days, live in the gallery.