Ron Zaneveld

Acrylic Paintings, Printmaking


Oceanographer's Vision

Ron Zaneveld has spent his life devoted to the sea. As an oceanographer, specializing in optics, he sailed and boated all over the world collecting the visions he reflects in his painting. He balances his creativity with a 'left brained' perspective on his subjects.


The Wacoma

Ron is a retired professor of Oceanography from University of Oregon. The Wacoma was the research vessel that he painted in the above painting but also had optical gear on board from his own invention. The Wacoma was keeping track of our currents and biology right off of the Newport coast before it was decommissioned. 


For The Love of the Ocean...

At first glance, some of Ron's work looks like oil. He commented that when you are living on a boat, you have limited space especially for drying canvases. He learned to paint in acrylic, for it's quick dry time, in an oil masters manner. 


WoodBlock Prints

We're excited to announce that Ron has taken up Woodblock Printing and will be a feature artist in the Eclipse Show and the 'Fit To Print' show. He uses the traditional 'hand hewn' method of cutting his blocks that adds a great 'old world' look to his work.


Speaker extraordinaire

Ron has spoken about his work at a few receptions and happens upon the gallery regularly, always eloquently voicing his artistic process. He can be seen walking the Bayfront and Yaquina Head with a huge smile on his face and panels to draw on in his backpack.