Rhonda Chase

Illustration, Ink, Mixed Media, Found Object


Fresh Color, Antique Text

Rhonda Chase brings her love for illustration right into all of her fine art applications. The body of work at the Ozone presently presents her great grandmother's bible in a somewhat contemporary illuminated manuscript form.


words become images

When Rhonda's great grandmother's bible started to disintegrate, she was faced with a hard decision; try to save it in partial form or create something beautiful with it, honoring it in that way. Each section, like Genesis, Exodus, etc., has inspired a scene or character content that Rhonda 'fleshed out' in ink over the passages.

Rhonda Charms.jpg

Tiny Found Fine Art

Wearable fine art is always well received and Rhonda found a way to create tiny art pieces on upcycled dominoes. She creates an original illustration on each one then seals it for the wearer to enjoy.


The Tree in The drawer

In addition to the small format upcycling, Rhonda creates work on antique cabinet faces, drawers and other found objects. In this piece, the bible pages go back 'in the drawer' where Rhonda created a tree growing through it. The layers of pages and symbolic reference spur one into contemplation as well as visual enjoyment.


in the Ozone

Rhonda is seen here working in the Ozone. She currently resides in Waldport, Oregon with her family. She surrounds herself with art and inspiration that fuels her ongoing artistic journey.