We invite you on a journey through the gallery.

Each piece of work is an artistic journey, in and of itself,  and now the gallery is set up as one with areas dedicated to parts of your journey; under the ocean, into the trees, journeys by sea, into the sunsets, etc. 


The front door greets You...

with a variety of work in different media by different artists depict ways of embarking on one's journey; by sailboat, by subway, even by rocket launcher.


Into the trees

 Robert West creates trees and dendritic forms by painting with electricity. Susan Farnham celebrates trees in her work that feature our local paths and wildlife and those from across the globe as with the Rhododendron Jungle in Nepal.


Into the Waves and into the sunsets

The comparison between how the different artists translate the inspiration of the waves and sunsets is incredible to see side-by-side. So many different takes on some of our favorite things here in Newport.

INNer Journeys

Our journeys are transient, cause for reflection, inner exploration, and balance. These balance sculptures, made of transient found objects by Phil Sconce, are contemplated by the faces looking on by Laura Aldridge.

under the sea

The wonderful inhabitants of the ocean are a favorite topic of the local artists. They are a favorite of visitors too because five pieces from this wall are already sold. For this reason, our shows are always changing, with new works coming in, the gallery is a different experience every visit.

'our journeys' 

Runs through the end of August with regular additions to this tour so check back to this page. A special 'Total Eclipse of the Art' co-show from August 1st through the end of the month will display art depicting the Eclipse event on the 21st.

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our next show...

We are proud to present 'Fit to Print'. This show, featuring the art of printmaking, will display the various forms of printmaking, how work is done, and the creative edge of generating and presenting the printed visions.

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