Druzy Quartz




There are a few different ways of spelling it, one way to say it, but the song remains the same; it’s dazzling. Given the right conditions, Quartz crystals will grow on top of Agate (or other minerals) in a glittering display of small facets.


beautiful voids

Silicates seem to love to fill voids. They set up shop in fissures between lava flow, permeate the cellular structure of trees, and fill in spiral shells over time to name a few. In the case of this lucky fossil shell, the interior is candied with the sugar of Druzy Quartz. Imagine finding this surprise on the beach!


Easy Keeper

It doesn’t seem to matter what color the Agate that plays host to the Druzy is, or what cave it inhabits, it seems to pop up in the most lovely places. This Pink Plume Agate had many inclusions of the small clusters of crystals. It is, indeed, pretty in pink.

20181015_155410 (1).jpg

Just the Littles

Quartz may reside in very large voids and make large crystals as with geodes. These are not considered Druzy, the term is reserved for the very small crystals that form a shining crust. This was a very small geode or Thunder Egg that shows the Rhyolite, Agate, and Druzy layers.


Story of time

This Agate Jasper Limb Cast shows an interesting passage of time. At the bottom, you can see the outside texture of the casting resembling the limb’s bark. There is a bloom of green and brown minerals that could have been the permineralization of the tree’s cells or some Rhyolite that seeped into the limb’s void. Agate fortified the void until sealing the cave on the left where the Quartz Druzy grew as the last chapter of this story. That’s some pretty profound history to wear on your neck.