What's New?

The ReNEW, ReCLAIM, ReMIND show was delayed due to weather and other unforeseen circumstances. We are ReHanging the gallery now and should be open for shopping February 10th.  We may have 'Special Closures' before then so check our business hours.


Here's a preview of a lamp, one of many, that will be landing in the Ozone in the next few weeks. It's hand crafted from Cedar, Oak, and upcycled wood with reclaimed copper trim. Stones are illuminated through the wandering fissures that add an intriguing glow to the lines of this artistic luminary.


2018 is a Whole new bag

Just when you thought the upcycled sailcloth bags from Kat Sconce were the coolest thing you ever put your wallet, sandwich and water bottle in, she raised the bar on her sails. In addition to all the usual incredible details in the sewing and exceedingly practical designs, she's added another super feature; Horse Tack. This bag is made of mylar racing sales and you get to lead it around by the reins! The leather strap is reclaimed horse tack that has been lovingly cleaned and treated to become the perfect addition to this fashionable statement piece. More goodies like this will be coming in for the ReNEW show.

Beauty in Division

Robert West absolutely outdid himself with this latest work landing for the ReNEW show. He got these French doors from the Habitat store, worked his electric painting magic on them, and created a 'three leaf'room divider. Each panel has unique details that play off each other in flow and contrasting directions. Aside from being a wonderful large format art piece, this is an up-cycle that performs with fashionable function.


Tantalizing Textures 

Two new large format works have come in so far from Susan Farnham for the new show. Susan is a master of both real and implied texture, shape and repetition play. This piece is a wild romp through soft and hard forms co-mingling in an array of earthy hues. This is just a detail of the larger piece, the full impact is quite a feast of color and composition.

Glass Odyssey 

Like looking into the eye of a galaxy, these new pieces of glass art seem to contain worlds inside them. Small in format enough to be worn as jewelry or hung as ornament, these lamp-work gems have precious metals in the details. Utilizing a technique the artist is taking into his own frontier, Fine Silver (99.9) is imposed into the work at just the right time for it to scatter like stars.



Rings and Things

The jewelry bench has been turning out some lovely rings for the ears and fingers. Plume Agate with Marcasite is featured here in what looks like a castle in stone. Moss Agate, Pink Plume and other Oregon stones are making their way into finery to adorn you. Check these out in Available Rings