What's New?

Fit to Print is up and running! Pieces have already sold out of the preview so come see the show before it changes...again.


Incredibly different printed new work from Amy Royce, on the left of the picture, riddles the eye with complex textures, sculptural aspects, colors, and tonalities. Prints and paintings can be seen in the next room by Ron Zaneveld. Mixed media pieces by Arin McKay employ words in print to build abstracted water-scapes. All the works celebrate the interpretation of 'Fit to Print'.


Prints in the Front...

In addition to the fine art prints, we have a wonderful array of work from our non-print making artists as well. Here's a powerful grouping, just finished for the show, of Robert West's electric paintings.

Eclipse Art

Eclipse mementos from Ron Zaneveld, Susan Farnham, Michael Guerriero, Robert West, Courtney Marchesi, Karen Britt and others are on sale .

This is Michael Guerriero's rendering over the totality in Serigraph form. This piece along with other Serigraphs are center stage for the 'Fit to Print' show along with an interpretive Serigraph display to help explain how Michael makes these incredible pieces.


Dyed in the wool

If the colors and textures here don't leave you stammering, the style will. These hand crafted wool 'Skein Scarfs' by BarnYardSaints are both toasty neck embellishments but also sculptural works of art in their own right. Made from hand dyed Alpaca wool and a myriad of different threads, laces, and strings, every individual scarf has a very distinct character getting more and more mesmerizing upon closer inspection. These are a no brainer for Coastal fashion both for function and unique artistic presence.


The BarnYardSaints tag is still on 'Neptune's Favorite Jeans' but if you don't come shop soon, this piece might get stuck around this girls neck for good. Hope to see you in the gallery soon. Cheers.

20170919_160134 (2).jpg

Paper Mixed Media Earrings

If you aren't printing on the paper, what should you do with it? Perhaps create a pair of large, light, eclectic earrings to charge up any clothing ensemble. Nancy Goldberg has been creating these fun fashions for some time now and can attest to their wearable nature, though they're obviously not quite 'museum archival'.