What's New?

The ReNEW, ReCLAIM, ReMIND show is in full swing! Fresh work is hanging and a virtual tour is building on the Current Show page. New pieces are being delivered and also made in the studio/gallery daily. 


ReNEW! The old 'All You Need' tragically spun its last rotation after around 27 years of service. It's a Lapidary machine responsible for a large number of the hand made jewelry creations in the gallery. Here is the NEW, bigger, better, faster, stronger version of the very same machine (yes, they're still in business!). We're very excited to be rolling out the first spoils of the machine with NEW JEWELRY for Spring.


smell the roses

Sometimes you have to stop and smell the roses or, in this case, lick the daffodils. Lily, the new gallery dog, is in the Ozone a couple of days a week if you'd like to drop in and see the puppy. She is learning the ropes and would love to meet you too. Meanwhile, our SPRING BREAK SALE is in full swing. We have discounts on ALL the cool art, jewelry, bags, clothes, and accessories. 

what's in your glass?

Have you been on the coast and wondered what to pair with your fresh seafood from the fish market? We can help with that besides, art and wine are two great tastes that taste great together. Come and taste the Cougar Crest Viognier (fabulous with the Dungeness Crab), Saginaw Pinot Noir (Gold Medal Winner for the Newport Wine Fest), Angel Vine Zin or another varietal (we usually have 5-6 to try). For the month of April, we'll be writing about the newest in the flight in the Wine Section.



While waiting for the new Lapidary machine, some old stock Australian Opals came out to play. Both the Boulder Opal and Crystal Opal have delicious flash in aqua colors sparkling in to pinks and reds on the lower stone. Combining metals has been another recent pastime with intriguing, undulating colors mimicking the Opals. All the jewelry including new pieces are on SALE through the end of Spring Break with Free Shipping!

Mercats have arrived 

Haven't heard of the Mercats of the Sea? They actually have a deep history that is quite rich with cultural importance. Here we see an homage that would make Bacchus proud; the Mercats going after the salvaged Amphora of their wine toasting ancient kin. Titled 'Some More-a Amphora', it's the perfect card to tag along with a great bottle of wine as a gift. This piece by Sissy Rose is available as 'blank inside' cards along with many other delightful appearances of the Mercats.   



Flights of Fancy

New to the Ozone are upcycled earrings that will give your ears wings. We have found feather earrings, earrings made from vintage buttons, upcycled glass, and even coffee sleeves! These colorful ornaments are will only set you back $20-30 so your $$$ resources stay in your purse. Among my favorites are the earrings made of fishing lures, just perfect for our bay side setting.