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Here in the Dog Days of Winter, you may get a warm, sunny Newport day or the wind blowing freezing rain at 40mph. Great gallery viewing weather!

Michael Guerriero does it again. Do you recognize this spot? If you head East on Bay Blvd. from the Ozone, you will get to it before you land in Toledo. This painting was done ‘plein aire’, which means on site. Michael captured the mood of the local perfectly and the sweet greenery that surrounds it.


Agate celebrations

The Yachats Agate Festival is the weekend of January 19th and 20th. Folks from all over come to shop, get their finds identified and more importantly go rock hounding on the rich Central Coast beaches. As many of you know, we are rock enthusiasts at the Ozone and would love to see you while you are in town and have a look at what you found, especially if it’s after the festival and you need something identified. Be careful out there for the sneaker waves, it’s that time of year and they are no joke!

Facing For you!

Did you find something on the beach you’d like to see into but you don’t have a rock polisher? Over here at the Ozone, we love seeing inside too and enjoy opening up the artistic worlds that nature provides. If you are interested in having a rock faced, check out our EVENT, bring your rock, and we can create a little window for you to see inside. A donation is suggested just for the cost of wear on the cutting wheels…so we can all have more fun with the rocks, petrified wood, fossils and ???


Sips While you see…

 Getting your rock faced? Having a rainy day look around the gallery? Stacking cairns in our interactive art project? This all pairs well with a wine tasting! Right now we are featuring a few of the Brandborg’s Coastal Bench Lands offerings. There is a lovely 2014 Pinot Noir and an incredibly tasty Gewurztraminer (and I don’t even like sweet wine). In addition to these, we rotate through other wines though you’re likely to encounter Capitello’s Sauv Blanc (awarded a 98!) and Angel Vine’s Zinfandel (because it’s one of my favorites) among other things.


New Approaches

It seems the jewelry body of work created at the Ozone is always evolving. If you’ve been coming for a while, you’ve seen some pretty big changes. It’s exciting to be touching the horizon and pushing creativity with the metal and stone media. Lately manipulating the metals has been incredibly gratifying. Layering, hammering, heating, and combining mixed metals has lead to carving and revealing layers and colors. The latest pieces indulge in the discovery of new techniques moving forward all the time. As the older pieces go out in the world, they are being added to a new Jewelry Archives where you can see the different bodies of work.


Lily Wants you!

If you’ve been to the gallery lately. you may have met the assistant, Lily. She may bark and chew driftwood out of the interactive art project but she’s really good at paperwork. When we changed our website platform, we lost your valuable email info and we want to stay connected. Please sign up for our new newsletter that will let you know about events, new shows, demonstrations, sales, and even special perks like coupons and promo-codes to use online or in the gallery. Use the pop up to sign up or go to Contact and use the email form there. Lily thanks you for keeping in touch!