What's New?

The Science Show is in the works now! This year, we're blending it with 'all that we love about the Sea Show and voila, you have Science and the Sea-sons.


Kindra Crick commanding the feature wall with some fresh works from a series based on rain for a project she was affiliated with in Portland. These pieces reflect the glacier loss of Mt. Hood and each work contains the topographical map of the region with the encaustic additions. The topo map shows the decrease of glacier in a 90 year period and her work is an artistic reaction resulting in a thought provoking amalgam of science and expression.


Regeneration through incineration

This year has produced an amazing fire season. In addition to the incredible losses, gains are made from certain species and locals through the circulation of a very ancient form of regeneration. Michael Guerriero paints and prints about this theme so fresh in all of our minds and noses in the Pacific Northwest. This scene greets you at the front door on your journey through the Ozone for the present show.

Mer-Cat Population Boom 

Not only does the Ozone Boast the largest 'Originals' collection of the Mer-cat population, but now we have an amazing selection of prints and cards from each image. These incredible images are scientific 'findings' that are being compiled by Sissy Rose about the rare and wonderful Mercat species. They swam with the dinosaurs, watched the Greek Amphora sink to the bottom of the Oceans and comingled with those responsible for the inception of SCUBA, maybe even helped. Come see this enormous body of work. 


Interactive art Project Redux


'Come Up And Make Your Mark' hung through Summer 2017. A plain black canvas, the whole piece was riddled with messages, graffiti, doodles, and art. We Rehung the piece with some parts blocked out for you to REdo if you should desire. Paint Pens are available for you to Make Your Mark through the end of the Year. Any part of the canvas is game though the new 'wave' sections are so ready for some new artistic creations. Come in to the Ozone to be part of the Art this Fall and Winter.


Big Contrasts and Long Trips 

Handling metal is a joy for Karen Britt. Heating it, hammering it, combining it, and bringing up the colorful patinas is a pure pleasure. In the latest body of work, Karen uses potassium sulfate to create a dark luster in copper and silver to contrast the shiny, mirror like finish on the jewelry pieces. Combine this with the gemstones that she and her husband go find and polish 'from scratch' from all over Oregon, and you have a very unique piece of jewelry. They are off again for a period of time in September to the far reaches of Oregon to find the unusual riches that artist Mother Nature creates.


Flights of Fancy

During the truly schizophrenic weather patterns of the fall, we have the perfect varietal for the mood. Come try a flight that starts with crisp whites like this Capitello Sauvignon Blanc, checking in with Rose' and Pinot Noir ports of call, and settling into rich palettes like our Garnacha or Angel Vine Zinfandel. Gaze at the Bay while trying these local tastes or cruise the gallery for an eyeful as eclectic as the flavor offering. Drop in for a flight from 11am-4pm or make an appointment to guarantee the optimal experience.