Katie Sconce

Bags, Textiles


Art to Go

Katie Sconce throws a lot of 'know how' at her art purses, bags, and totes. Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, they are containers made to exhibit fortitude. Recognizable aspects of her media of choice, Upcycled Sail Boat Sails, like ID numbers and textures create a unique and endearing look. Elements of work that Kat has done on custom boat upholstery appear in the details of industrial sewing, marine grade trims and findings.


The Fastest Bag you will own

Mylar is the fabric on this #9 bag and is upcycled from race sails. Kat raced boats and created bags from her crew's race season that were the beginning of a successful industry. Fun to imagine just how fast that sail could go, not to mention the cool stories the sail could tell.


Shapes and Sizes for function

These bags are one-of-a-kind inspirations with varying textures outside and useful pockets and compartments inside. Kat makes everything from small zipper pouches clear through purses, messenger bags, and large totes for the farmers market.


Lucky Numbers

Kat never makes two bags exactly alike. Different shapes, sizes, numbers, trims, colors, straps, and details make each one it's own. She delivers small batches to the gallery at a time and it's always a lucky pleasure to go through them and discover why this is the next one to purchase!


Moves and Grooves

Kat and her husband moved to Newport not too long ago bringing with them a wealth of talent and the sailboat they were living on. Not too long after, they discovered a land address would be good and Kat should start practicing diaper bags anticipating the arrival of their daughter Edy. They can be found on the local beachs and trails recharging the creative juices and testing those great bags.