Judy Miller Johnson

Etchings, Mezzotints, Printmaking, Jewelry Design


Fine Art Printmaking

Fine Art Printmaking goes back in history responding to the need to reproduce pictures in books, money, and many other applications including hanging on ones walls. Judy Miller Johnson studied printmaking techniques and after creating woodblock prints, monoprints, mezzotints, and others, settled in on Etching as her primary print media. 


Subtle grandeur

Judy's work reflects a balance of technical ability to render her subject matter in high detail and grace of color and form. In that regard, her work is strong in composition and statement but effortlessly easy on the eyes. 

Heavy Metal


Etching is the process of acid biting metal, and in this case, in chosen places to create an image. Judy would cut her own plates from zinc, copper, and even silver, shape them, and painstakingly go through the steps to create printable plates and even fine art jewelry pieces from them.


Nature by nature

A consistent theme in Judy's work is the rendering of subjects from nature. Like an illustrator, she excelled in presenting each plant or animal in graphic exactitude. For the accuracy, she spent much of her time in the field with her subject matter; hiking to the particular flower, diving for the marine life, plein air sketching or painting for hours at just the right vantage point to realize her vision.


deep creative ties

The Ozone owes a huge amount of gratitude to Judy as Karen Britt learned much of what she knows about art from her. Judy continues to create in her Bay Area home or Star Valley Wyoming studio. Guidance and discussion about techniques and materials continues and Judy is the inspiration for the 'Fit to Print' show.