Slices of the Deep Sea

In the past, I have hated making earrings. It's strong vernacular, but doing anything twice goes against my creative, artistic grain. In the creation of the earrings in the latest body of work, an element of the distaste has completely vanished. Because of the raw and asymmetrical nature of the metal-smithing, each piece gets to be a stand alone exploration into texture, mixing of metals, shapes, and sculptural concepts. Long story short; now it's fun and not so much like pulling teeth. 

This pair of earrings, fresh off the bench, were a pleasure to create. I had not tried the exact way of engraving before, I hadn't blended the patina black silver with the Keum Boo in this way before, I hadn't floated black pearls out in front of anything like this before either.  The trip into the frontier was akin to the deep sea diving for those pearls of wisdom these earrings visually represent to me. They're little slices of the big, deep sea garnering the little gifts to be found.


In the Deep Sea

Engraved, Patina Treated Fine Silver, Hammered Keum Boo, Black Pearls, Sterling Silver