Late Harvest Viognier Cougar Crest Style

My introduction to Cougar Crest was actually from their Viognier even though they specialize in fantastic Walla Walla reds. I could write poetry about the glossy mouth feel and flavor array of their regular Viognier but I'm writing today about the treat of their Late Harvest. 

After a great meal, the dessert menu invariably comes around and folks waffle about whether they should or not. A recent trip with family poised me for many meals out and sweets menu options. My brother's girlfriend and I leaned towards port and late harvest tastings which ended up to be much more fun than the cake everyone else was ordering. Back home, at the gallery, I am asked for sweet wine options often. Being as that the Viognier from Cougar has made me weak in the knees, I thought the Late Harvest 2013 would be the perfect fit and I wasn't wrong.

With a nose of brandy and orange blossom, the Late Harvest warms with mouth with the sweetness of ripe tropical fruits with a honeysuckle and spice finish. Lighter and livelier than a typical desert wine, this Viognier is dangerously drinkable. They say to pair it with Creme Brulee which just so happens to be my favorite dessert if I dare to do some. Both might be some kind of nirvana that I haven't deserved to reach yet.

Cougar Crest is in Walla Walla Washington where the Hansens create award winning Estate Wines. Come try the Late Harvest at the gallery for a chilled summer treat or keep your eyes open for their other offerings.