Agate Jasper Limb Cast

SiO2 + 


Casting of a tree

In the volcanic activity of Central Oregon, trees have been the victims of many events involving lava, ash, and incineration. A tree may become burned on the spot by lava flow, buried by ash, or encased by volcanic mud flow. Any of these situations can create a casting of the tree, root, or limb for which silicates can fill in and make a stone replica.


Cells and Voids

Different than just petrified wood, a limb cast can be a blending of the wood's permineralized cells and agate or jasper filling in voids like puddles. Some limb casts are completely without cellular material of the tree and are just the shape and texture of the limb replicated.


Blushing Boughs

This limb cast is completely agatized. None of the cellular material was available when the silicates took over the cast. The pink blush is from iron tinting the silicates. 


Dangling Trees from your ears

These are pink limb cast earrings. The material is clear except for the druzy quartz inclusions that grew after the silicates filled the void of the limb. 


Beautiful Combinations

The outside of this limb cast shows the wood texture very nicely. The inside of this specimen has clear agate sections combined with striations of wood grain. When polished, it looks like the wood sections are floating.

Available Works: