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Rainy Day Painting February-18-2014
Rainy days on the Oregon Coast are incredibly inspiring. The storm energy and sounds of the rain and gale gusts hitting the studio are the perfect elements to charge a great painting session. On our 'Wet Paint' page, I'm posting the works-in-progress (or WIPs) from the studio and gallery. This current WIP is being created on a piece of Sitka from the Oregon Coast Community Forest project and is a rendering of the Yaquina Head lighthouse viewed from the North.smallnorthsidewip.jpg
Newest Ozone Artist... January-24-2014

 This piece is currently residing on the couch, but not for long. This is the latest fresh work from Casey McEneny, a blend of wood sculpting, painting, and inlay. He works in both representational and abstract imagery with a language of shapes, contrasts, and harmonious compositions. Including this piece, Casey has 10 pieces in the current show. If you have not experienced his work (such as the large mural coming into Waldport from the South), you owe it to yourself to see this installation in ReNEW, ReClaim, ReMIND. Did I mention he works on local wood? Yeah, this is what we mean by the theme of this show.




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In our lofty location upstairs in the Abbey St. Pier Building on the Historic Bayfront of Newport, Ozone presents local artists in a variety of styles and media including oils, acrylics, watercolors, encaustics, mixed media, sculptures, jewelry, and more.




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The current show 'ReNEW, ReClaim, ReMIND' has been held over until the end of February. Enjoy this incredible show for the rest of the month.