What's New?

The Journeys show has brought out the adventure and wanderlust reflected in the artists work. Many pieces have sold out of the show and replacements are landing daily...


Fresh Prints!

Karen Britt has created a new woodblock collaboration with Robert West, electric painter. The result is a print that will leave many print makers scratching their heads on how the detail was attained. While printing the new block, Karen inked several of the other blocks to refresh editions. 'SeahorsePower', 'Fresh Rockfish', 'Pacific Red Octopus', 'The Fish that Dreamed the Wave' are available and a few have been mounted and gilded in a new style.

Eclipse Art

Art is already landing for the upcoming demi-show starting the first of August. In anticipation of the Total Eclipse coming August 21st, artists have been inspired to create art expressing the phenomenon. Ron Zaneveld produced this print depicting the eclipse over the Newport Bridge. The scientist that he is, he calculated the position for the event and honored it with this piece.



Electric Painting

Robert West has been busy in his studio energizing new works. He just dropped off a new burl-wood, free-standing sculpture, several new pieces of varying sizes, eclipse oriented work, and (maybe a personal favorite) a skimboard! These works are in queue for the next show but a few have sold off the ground.