New Jewelry

The Ozone is a gallery that doubles as a jewelry studio where Karen Britt creates fresh designs daily. Some selected new pieces appear here by popular demand. If you see something you like, contact us as the work has the tendency to move quickly.


Opal Moon Over Opal Landscape

Crystal Opals have flash of all colors within, this one depicting the moon is no exception. The Keum Boo blaze behind it signifies the Eclipse event over the landscape. That colorful little landscape is represented by a Boulder Opal with brilliant flash as well.


Charoite Moon Over the sun

Charoite is a gemstone from Russia that comes in brilliant shades of purple with a chatoyant nature (like tigers eye) that changes when caught by the light. Like a big, purple moon eclipsing the sun, gold radiates from behind the stone and glints off the stylized sea below.


Summer moon over the sea of gold

In anticipation of our Eclipse event, inspired jewelry has been popping up with the moon and sun taking center stage. This piece features a jelly green-blue opal against oxidized Keum Boo. The result is a seascape of contrasting colors and shapes.