What is the 'Ozone'

Ozone Fine Art is an 'Originals Only' fine art gallery. Each piece of work is made by the artist and not a reproduction. Original, like the artists and like the gallery.


Local Talent

The Ozone was opened to fill a niche that needed filling; provide high quality local and emergent fine art on the Bayfront in Newport. We offer a variety of expressive voices in contemporary and traditional styles with all types of media and subject matter. In addition, it's a lovely location to take in the sights of the Yaquina Bay and do some wine-tasting on a rainy day.


onGoing Mission

In the age of technology, we create an atmosphere of exposure *in real life* for artist-created unique work. We take every opportunity to educate about techniques and genres of art and to offer a platform for new, emergent artists to show work. We also present demonstrations, musical events, and daily open studio where fresh work is created before your eyes.



You are in the art

Art is evocative, you feel a certain way when you view a piece. Art can also be inspiring as it can make you feel creative. During many shows, we have interactive art projects for you to get into the art or you can just take some art home with you.


Change shows often

Every couple of months, we change the entire gallery (including where the walls are) to feature a different genre or artist. As every single piece of art in the picture above is sold, this is necessary and keeps the gallery fresh. Check the events page to know what's in and what's next.


Art in itself

Ozone Fine Art was established in 2010 by Karen Britt and Bruce Johnson for the love of art. The thoughts were; 'wouldn't it be cool to have a local talent gallery here'...'how about a working studio that overlooked the bay for inspiration?'...'do you think people would like to sip wine and see all of this?...and here we are. We thank you for supporting the gallery and the arts. Cheers.