New Jewelry

The Ozone is a gallery that doubles as a jewelry studio where Karen Britt creates fresh designs daily. Some selected new pieces appear here by popular demand. If you see something you like, contact us as the work has the tendency to move quickly.

Newly Found Gems for Necks:


opal winged

The metal-smithing is abstract, left to interpretation, but is reminiscent of wings. A large wing with Boulder Opal flashes as iridescent plumage does. A swift, golden smaller wing with White Opal soars the other way like a dove. Keum Boo adds warmth to the small wing that overlaps and communes with the other. SOLD


In The Cliff

Have you stood on a cliff and wondered how many layers of stories or gems are under your feet? This Boulder Opal is in the stylized Keum Boo and Sterling Silver cliff wall that echos the stone's shape and protects it for your discovery. SOLD



Continuing with the abstract-but-suggestive theme, this piece could be a big splash of rain coming down, the top of a reaching wave about to break, or whatever you see. The Boulder Opal glimmers the rainbow against milky white mixing with matrix stone. Keum Boo and Sterling Silver seal the deal.