New Jewelry

The Ozone is a gallery that doubles as a jewelry studio where Karen Britt creates hand made jewelry designs daily. Karen finds rough Oregon native stones and performs the lapidary (hand polishing) to make them into gems. Each gemstone is ‘one of a kind’ so every jewelry piece is a unique and artistic statement.

Wearing Thunder…

Thunder on the Wing

The inspiration for these earrings came from negative space and the interplay of form within form. Hoops are a great standard in earrings (I haven’t met a pair of hoops I didn’t like) and here’s a creative offshoot with abstract, asymmetrical shapes that have the feel of birds in flight. Thunder Egg Agate with blush and warm tones swoop into the center of Fine and Sterling Silver that freely dangle from Sterling posts.

Under the Thunder Mountain

An incredibly colorful Thunder Egg Agate with Common Opal and a Druzy Stripe stands tall as the mountain with Thunder Eggs and Silver Stones buried underneath like the way we found them. Set in Fine Silver, Sterling Silver and Copper create the rest of the terrain. SOLD

Vertical Thunder

Hammered Sterling Silver and Copper suspend two 5mm Tube Agates from Thunder Eggs. These Agates have detailed lacing and concentric circles from the way they were formed in neutral, warm hues. Picking up the colors of both metals in their settings, they swing from your ears with hammered Fine and Sterling Silver posts.