New Jewelry

The Ozone is a gallery that doubles as a jewelry studio where Karen Britt creates fresh, hand made jewelry designs daily. New works appear here and visit our Available Jewelry for purchase section to see more eye candy. 

Stones Telling Stories:


Hot Ripples of Plume

These stones are so intricately painted by nature, they get more impressive the closer you get. White Plume dances in circles set into Shibuishi for contrast. The bottom stone swirls in a psychedelic blending of warm hues and sparking Quartz Druzy from within that would make a hippy lightshow jealous.  


Full Moon Floating Forest

Floating in a sea of clear agate, Marcasite plumes reach upwards like a suspended forest. The gem is set in Fine and Sterling Silver with an open back so the stone is backlit. A White Opal full moon smiles a rainbow of colors down on the sparking trees.


Plumes of Fire and Ice

The top stone is amber toned Plume Agate with red linear plumes and a subtle cloud of marcasite on top that is tinted purple. This is mounted upon Shibuishi, the copper and silver alloy that they would decorate samurai swords with. The drop stone is Plume Agate with a deep Druzy Quartz window, both fire and ice.