New Jewelry

The Ozone is a gallery that doubles as a jewelry studio where Karen Britt creates fresh, hand made jewelry designs daily. New works appear here and visit our Available Jewelry for purchase section to see more eye candy. 

Stones Telling Stories:


Plumes of Pleasure

It's always luck when two stones break close enough in size and shape to make earrings. These two offer detailed golden plumes with black and darker hues to contrast the clarity of the agate in which they are contained. Set in fine silver and copper, they are open backed to let the light shine through when worn. SOLD


Plume Elements

When it comes to plume agate, detailed, muli-colored plumes are really exciting. This specimen boasts hue changing plumes against clear agate in a splendid display.A fine silver demi bezel is held by copper cut into symbolic shapes of rivers and mountains where these stones were born. SOLD


Moss Elements

This dainty pair of earrings is a tribute to the flowing waters cutting through the high desert that create the birthplace of these stones. Stylized river canyons are cut into copper holding the fine silver bezels and hand polished Green Moss Agates. Sterling silver dangles these rivers from your ears.