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The Ozone is a gallery that doubles as a jewelry studio where Karen Britt creates hand crafted art jewelry designs daily. Karen finds rough Oregon native stones and performs the lapidary (hand polishing) to make them into gems. Each gemstone is ‘one of a kind’ so every hand fabricated jewelry piece is a unique and artistic statement.

Sculpted Silver, Flowing Metals:

Druzy Thunder Cave Ring

Thunder Eggs always seem to serve up the best little landscapes. This midnight blue Thunder Egg Agate has detailed fortification lines with common agate tonal changes and, the best part, druzy where the stone is the darkest. It looks like a scene peering through the mouth of a cave to the water and a sparkling midnight starry sky above. A Fine Silver sculpted, free form setting holds the gem while a split, two to one 18 gauge Sterling Silver band holds this landscape to your size 9.5 finger.

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Forest Cairn

Moss Agate occurs in a multitude of colors, especially greens. This piece is more like ‘lichen agate’ with it’s gracefully light hues and shapes within the clear agate. The perfect pairing is a similarly colored 5mm Green Petrified Wood cabochon displaying an emerald green striation of wood against mint ice cream green. These forest stones are stacked with sculpted Fine Silver suggesting the wind through the trees tipping the stone balance.

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Red Moss Agate Blaze

This Moss Agate is like fire and ice; the dendrites are deep crimson and the surrounding agate is blueish white. The 5mm stone is set in Fine Silver with sculpted Fine Silver in an abstracted blaze design. The 18 gauge Sterling Silver band wraps asymmetrically from high to low for a striking addition to any size 7 finger.

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