What's New?

Marvel at prints like that of which you've never seen, freshly finished stones and jewelry from the 'in gallery studio', and new hand printed art cards for the upcoming gifting season.


Incredibly different printed new work from Amy Royce riddles the eye with complex textures, sculptural aspects, colors, and tonalities. Amy has also treated us to an additional entire wall of unframed encaustic collographs and monoprints for a great range of her abstracted images at a variety of price-points.


Prints in the Front...

In addition to the fine art prints, we have a wonderful array of work from our non-print making artists as well. Here's a powerful grouping, just finished for the show, of Robert West's electric paintings.


Introducing our Newest, Youngest Artist-Model Edy!



...showing off one of Mom's (Kat Sconce ) freshly dropped off creations: Sailcloth bag with horse tack straps and darling details.

Live Printmaking

Karen Britt is pulling prints, live in the gallery, for a body of work devoted to 'encaustic collograph monoprints' integrating organic plant material. A 'monoprint' is a hand created, inked, and pulled print that will be the only one of its kind. It would be 'one out of one' in a print edition. These monoprints are actually created from a number of registrations with different plates to build the end result. An encaustic painting is done on one of the plates, that may be added to with the organic items creating the collograph, that print is then printed with another collographic print, etc. 

If you're looking for sweet little something to give or send, check out the new Botanical Monoprint Cards. Each one is hand pulled off of local flora and is a 5x7" blank card inside. Perfect for 'Thank You's or the holidays, after the giving, they're ready to go right into a frame.


New Batch of Stones:

During the 'Outdoor Studio' hiatus, we hunted down some fresh, raw stones to work some lapidary magic on. Plume Agate with some exciting marcasite blooms and a spectrum of colors are currently on the lapidary docket. Each new stone is a unique exploration in to mineral dendrites, their colors, and forms. The fun of setting them into jewelry designs is still driven by blending prongs, straps, and bezels of sterling silver, Shibuishi, and Keum Boo. A Jewelry Blog post has been created over this stone and the recent stone palette from which is was chosen.


The BarnYardSaints tag is still on 'Neptune's Favorite Jeans' but if you don't come shop soon, this piece might get stuck around this girls neck for good. Hope to see you in the gallery soon. Cheers.