What's New?

ON-vember Sale! means great gift savings shopping in the gallery on online!

More New Electric Trees have found their way into the gallery after a long wait for Robert West to recreate his studio. Notice the Skim Board, perfect for your beach house or surf shack and many new smaller format works for the gift giving season.


Holiday Shopping in the Bag!

Unique gifts is what the Ozone does best and if you are looking for a unique bag, Kat Sconce of Calypso Creations has made one perfect for you or your gift mark. Her newest line, that she just dropped off at the Ozone, utilizes a combination of hard core fabrics with the ethereal translucence of sailcloth from sail boat sails. These new totes are like no others I’ve seen, incredibly well made, and hugely stylish.

Clear Colors in the Forecast

To save you from the monotonous gray days of the months ahead, Leslie Pelotas of Ocean Dyenamics has graced us with some lovely new Shibori Dye fashions. Contemporary cut hoodies with waves on them are a no brainer for the chilly days and the Maxi Skirts are set to pair with your cute winter boots. Pick up multiple pieces for gift shopping and take advantage of our ‘ON-vember Sale’ in the gallery.


More WEarable Art

 Due to all the volcanic activity of the past in Oregon, the state is graced with incredible gemstones. Karen Britt creates one of a kind art pieces, right in the Ozone Gallery Studio, for you to wear. Each stone is found, hand polished, and hand fabricated into jewelry pieces like this one. During our ONvember sale, giving a memorable and Oregon indigenous gift is easy as EVERY piece is on sale. If you can’t make it to the gallery, try shopping right here ONLINE!


A Sea of Small things

In addition to lovely large format paintings, Ron Zaneveld creates smaller format block prints that are abundantly give-able. Each block was hand carved by Ron and every print hand inked and pulled by the artist. Prints are a fantastic way of purchasing fine art at easy prices.


Not too soon

I know it feels early, but if you are sending out cards, it’s about time to get started. Sissy Rose has rolled out her Mercats for the holidays card and it’s got all the charm expected. If you are tired of the same old sentiments, this is definitely one ‘they’ haven’t seen before. As per tradition, there are discounts on multiples and Sissy just brought a BUNCH of new cards and prints to make a good gift sweep on everyone. Stay tuned for some previews of new Mercats (like the MerTigerShark)!