What's New?

The Science Show is still coming! This year, we're blending it with our Summer Sea Show and voila, you have Science and the Sea. Fresh work is landing now, the installation is delayed but going on through July. Check Events for details.


Kindra Crick brought some fresh works from a series based on rain for a project she was affiliated with in Portland. These pieces reflect the glacier loss of Mt. Hood and each work contains the topographical map of the region with the encaustic additions. The topo map shows the decrease of glacier in a 90 year period and her work is an artistic reaction resulting in a thought provoking amalgam of science and expression.


Atmospheric Tendencies 

New pieces from Rosemary Achelpohl dazzle the eye with rich color and heavy brushstrokes. Her most recent work reflects the sciences with both dynamic weather and volcanic eruption. The front page of the website features 'Kite Festival' from Rosemary in all of its colorful glory.

Science in stitches 

Rigorous experimentation is going on at the Ozone to test these bags by Kat Sconce. Made from Sail Cloth, Racing Sails, Horse Tack, and Industrial findings from the maritime business we are surrounded by, each of Kat's bags are made to withstand the worst and look the best. Each bag is unique due to upcycled sails and trims and put together with a world of knowledge in the upholstery and heavy fabric realm. Come in and experience the fastest and coolest bags your shoulder will every carry.


Block off The Ole' Block

Ron Zaneveld has brought in 2 new block prints for the new show! The detail is a block print based on trees to an almost abstracted degree. The rest you will have to come in to see. Ron is a 40+ year Oceanographer and 20+ year professor in Oceanography with an emphasis on optics. His approach to art comes with both a vision from the right side of the brain and knowledge of light and form from the left. 

Thunder will follow 

We recently had the opportunity to dig Thunder Eggs (the Oregon State Stone) in Central Oregon. After the birth of these silicates making gorgeous stripy patterns within 'lava-ash bubbles', the gemstone of the Thunder Egg Agate is presented in hues of blues, reds, oranges, yellows, pinks, and clear from the region we mined. This month these stones will be polished in house and set into jewelry for your entertainment and enjoyment.


Flights of Fancy

New to the Ozone are upcycled earrings that will give your ears wings. We have found feather earrings, earrings made from vintage buttons, upcycled glass, and even coffee sleeves! These colorful ornaments are will only set you back $20-30 so your $$$ resources stay in your purse. Among my favorites are the earrings made of fishing lures, just perfect for our bay side setting.