What's New?

The Science Show is coming! Every other year, we've featured art for the love of Science. This year, we're blending it with our Summer Sea Show and voila, you have Science and the Sea. Fresh work is landing now, the installation will be growing until Mid May. Check Events for details.


Kindra Crick was recently invited to create a body of etchings at the Sitka Center just north of Newport. We are excited to have this print (detail) reflecting the topography of Cascade Head and beyond in the upcoming show. In addition, Kindra is bringing work based on a Rain Project to share for the Science and Sea as well. 


Celestial Statements

The Serigraphs of Michael Guerriero are enjoyed year round in the gallery though his paintings are fewer and more precious. This recent oil painting is among Michael's offerings for the Science Show. An intense statement on ecology is a common theme throughout Michael's works in addition to contemplative visions of the earth, sky, and space.

The Sea in Science

New, smart, animals lurk in the area of Marine Biology as illustrated by Sissy Rose. Surprisingly, not only were the Mercats around in the era of the dinosaur, swam with the early divers, but also have now been found in space. Come see the amazing collection of Mercat collages, a great pictorial education of the rare animal.


Meteorology And Geology 

Nobody loves a rain at the beach except maybe this stylized jewelry piece on a sunny day. Spires of Marcasite make diagonal rainfall within the Plume Agate glowing within a Copper and Fine Silver 'cloud'. Sterling Silver cascades below ending in Red and White Plume Agate rain drops. Oregon sourced stones will be featured in the upcoming show expressed in some intriguing science-y settings.

Mercats have arrived 

Haven't heard of the Mercats of the Sea? They actually have a deep history that is quite rich with cultural importance. Here we see an homage that would make Bacchus proud; the Mercats going after the salvaged Amphora of their wine toasting ancient kin. Titled 'Some More-a Amphora', it's the perfect card to tag along with a great bottle of wine as a gift. This piece by Sissy Rose is available as 'blank inside' cards along with many other delightful appearances of the Mercats.   



Flights of Fancy

New to the Ozone are upcycled earrings that will give your ears wings. We have found feather earrings, earrings made from vintage buttons, upcycled glass, and even coffee sleeves! These colorful ornaments are will only set you back $20-30 so your $$$ resources stay in your purse. Among my favorites are the earrings made of fishing lures, just perfect for our bay side setting.