What's New?

Fall submissions are literally falling into the gallery on a daily basis. Inspirations from this gorgeous summer are translating into visual images such as ‘Ride the Tide’ by Courtney Marchesi.


Courtney has created this approximately 3.5’x5.5’ piece in collaboration with the photographer that took the original picture. Painted on upcycled wood in acrylic, this composition of bubbles, turtle, and surf are like a permanent immersion in a beach-side fantasy.


Electrifying Fall Patterns

One of the gallery visitors favorite artists, Robert West, had to take a hiatus over the summer from creating artwork to move his studio. He is now settled in and moving to delightfully larger format work! Robert recently dropped off four new pieces, thrillingly eye encapsulating sculptures (the smallest of which is approximately 2’x 3’ in size). Utilizing Pacific Northwest burlwood and other locally historic materials, Robert has made unique, one of a kind statement pieces for your home or office. Check them out before they are gone like the season.

In Tune with the Stones 

Often the Ozone artists inspire each other. In this case, our resident poet, Michael Main, invited Karen Britt to listen to some CDs created from the medieval Polyphony of Cyprus. A response in metal and stone corresponded with visual shapes triggered by the sound combinations. How would Polyphony look? The answer is a body of work stretching into blended forms and metals in harmony. This trio of Plume Agate and Thunder Egg Agate are like notes in Fine and Sterling silver echoing the elegant songs to wear.


Interactive art Project Redux


'Come Up And Make Your Mark' hung through Summer 2017. A plain black canvas, the whole piece was riddled with messages, graffiti, doodles, and art. We Rehung the piece with some parts blocked out for you to REdo if you should desire. Paint Pens are available for you to Make Your Mark through the end of the Year. Any part of the canvas is game though the new 'wave' sections are so ready for some new artistic creations. Come in to the Ozone to be part of the Art this Fall and Winter.


a School of Gyotaku 

There may not be much more of a thrill to a print-maker than to create work from organic subjects. The ancient Japanese method of inking and pulling a print from a fresh fish is called Gyotaku. Currently in the Ozone, there are 6 prints on Dragon Cloud Rice Paper that were pulled from local Albacore Tuna. Stay TUNaEd to see what works of are are made from these.


Flights of Fancy

During the truly schizophrenic weather patterns of the fall, we have the perfect varietal for the mood. Come try a flight that starts with crisp whites like this Capitello Sauvignon Blanc, checking in with Rose' and Pinot Noir ports of call, and settling into rich palettes like our Garnacha or Angel Vine Zinfandel. Gaze at the Bay while trying these local tastes or cruise the gallery for an eyeful as eclectic as the flavor offering. Drop in for a flight from 11am-4pm or make an appointment to guarantee the optimal experience.