What Is Fit To Print

We are finishing up the walls for the new 'Fit to Print' show. This show is the product of a lifetime of living with a fine art printmaking mother Judy Miller Johnson, being asked 'what is a fine art print?' over and over, what is the difference of a glicee and art print?, and having so many really talented print-makers in the gallery that it became a 'no brainer. The questions will be answered and the prints are now, deservedly, displayed.

Amy Royce is a featured artist for this show and presents why fine art printmaking in contemporary media is so important and compelling. Her work strikes the eye with fresh, bold textures and gentle, undulating tones. Unlike anything I've seen before, her unique blend of printmaking, sculpture, and encaustic hang on the wall like bas reliefs from the newest empire of art.

Michael Guerriero creates Serigraphs of the most sophisticated form. Pictured, Michael is able to build an image with a series of registrations made by screen printing. The scene at the front door of the gallery, in the morning, illuminated by a sodium light from a fishing boat, the Ozone Fine Art sign can be seen on the wall next to Michael's visual rendering of a forecast.

Other notable artists in print media at the Ozone are Judy Miller Johnson, Ron Zaneveld, Laura Aldridge, Kindra Crick, Karen Britt, Kimry Jelen and Michael Main. Several other artists including Rhonda Chase, Susan Farnham,  Sandra McCourry, Mark Yanowsky, Robert West, Rosemary Achelpohl, Cammy Davis, and Tash Wesp have work dealing with the use of printed media in their work. It turns out that work in print has a tendency to inspire artwork one way or another very often.

We all invite you to this show. Also, during the course of the show; we invite you to witness demonstrations, try printmaking yourself (with our interactive art projects), purchase work made right in the gallery from woodblock and screen printing to hang and wear, see the changing show due to new presentations through the show run, and learn about why print-making is such a wonderful and useful art media. See you here!