Printing to Fit

The Ozone is a wonderful environment in which to create. It offers a studio space, in addition to the gallery, with great light and breathtaking views. How can one not feel totally inspired inside? Today's printmaking order of the day was 'encaustic collograph mono-printing'. Yeah, say that fast five times. 

What I am talking about is; the procedure of applying a printing surface with encaustic, printing that with mixed media collographic embellishments, then creating yet another printing block with organic collograph materials and imposing that onto the first print. Easy Peasy. The outcome is deliciously textural and seemingly complex with differing recognizable details within abstractions of color and line qualities. 

Kindra Crick turned me on to this encaustic collograph method and I believe Amy Royce uses this too (both in the gallery and featured for the 'Fit to Print' show). I broke my plate with the enthusiasm of printing to find that plain glass might not be the best plate for pulling the collograph. This sweet monoprint has an addition of 1 and has 3 other relatives before the plate broke. 

The Hydrangea blossoms were from my front yard and the wax used for the encaustic is local and organic. Even the inks are from the Pacific Northwest so this is a medley of ingredients sourced locally and organically. 

Work like this continues through the show run as I pull mono-prints, collographs, and woodcut prints live daily in the gallery.