Oregon Wild Studio

The title for this blog appeared on the 'Events' calendar and I was asked exactly what that meant. It literally meant that we were going out in the wilds of Oregon to open studio, gather inspiration, materials, and have a serious 'cleansing of the head'. 

Where one goes to shake the cranial etch-a-sketch is completely up to what tends to float your boat. For a really good synaptic shampoo, I like deep wilderness. Instead of putting my feet up, I'd rather spin revolutions taking us on explorations into the frontier. Rather than set up camp, we have the tendency to wonder what is around every canyon corner and behind every tree and to wander there. 

Don't get me wrong, even though the eyes want to be bathed in ever-new sights, we do stop. Being still to smell the rain in the sage, to feel the wind embracing you with its power, to sense the frog on the bank, owl in the tree, or doe in the grass happens. Maybe the mandolin and guitar come out to jam with the crickets chirping along in D as the cosmos radiates the glimmering stage lights overhead.

In the end, there's never enough time adventuring and it's always hard to leave. Though the love of home is strong, the necessity of this kind of immersion is inarguable. 

Inspiration is easily gathered by the promise in the horizon.