Nothing could prepare one for the experience of the Eclipse. Sure, there was plenty of hype ahead of the event including news of mass amounts of people crushing in on Newport melting the infrastructure. In the end, the lack of any of that was as surreal as what did happen to our landscape. As the moon closed in on the sun, so too did the marine layer enveloping us in a wet blanket for our party. In the nick of time, the clouds parted enough to see the darkness take a bit out of the sun. As the bite got bigger, the surrounding fog and beach was tinted a moody color of blue. When it reached totality, it was not like night, but like an underwater filtering of light. Viewing with the glasses off, the sun blazed sweeping brushstrokes of heat from behind the black moon as the temperature dropped on us. The most exciting part was just when the moon started slipping offline so the pink diamond ring exploded out the side. There's no way to capture that in art but I did work the new palette into the 'Eclipse over Agate' woodcut/electric painting print. The story about that exact location and the print will be in the printmaking section on the website soon and the print will be available until sold out (currently about 1/3 into the edition).