Duck, Duck...

The Bayfront has quieted down and the summer craziness has slowed to a much gentler pace. This is the time, for us artists, to indulge in 'creative hermit' time off. We are left to hours of stormy weather inspiring energized sessions of grandeur.


These are some of my home studio-mates and critics. They are cute, but let me say that they can be cut-throat when assessing a work in progress. Don't even think about approaching them about a new jewelry design or painting without bribes of slugs and lettuce. 


I might have mentioned before that I vowed never to bezel set another gem. I vowed never again to use a jewelry saw. Can I blame it on the Ducks? They're a tough crowd. I also might have mentioned before that I have been dopping small material and polishing rough that looked nice from our last trip hounding. That was no mistake. The gems have been inspiring, enough so to set them in bezels and bring out the jewelry saw for all its glory. 

I wrote about the the rough that the bottom stone is from in the Jewelry Blog. The piece is in New Jewelry, and I'm ready for more creative time in the gallery. You are, as always, invited to come up and see what's newly inspired in the gallery and, if you like, you can come see the ducks too.