Amy Royce

Encaustic, Mixed Media, Sculpture



When Amy joined the Ozone, as one of our charter artists, very few people knew what Encaustic was. It didn't take long for interest to grow and her art was hot (literally). At her first feature show, Amy treated us to a demonstration and thrilled audiences with explanations, fire, and beautiful live work.



Amy layers the resin, pigmentation, and wax in molten form, many layers deep. The effect is like building an opal with embedded worlds viewed through translucent and transparent windows. The result is complex and moody, changing with the light entering the piece.


Amy works in small to large format with deep box panels, often times finished thick on the sides like frosting on a birthday cake. Her body of work follows themes of movement, architecture of the body, texture and color exploration.


Mixed Media

In addition to Encaustic, Amy integrates printmaking, life drawing, and other media into the mix of her inspiration. Amy is a feature artist in our upcoming show, 'Fit to Print' debuting new, never been seen before, mixed media/sculptural pieces.



Amy Royce currently resides in Bend, Or. and gathers inspiration from athletic passions such as dance, cycling, and travel.