Ozone Fine Art Paint, Sculpture, Jewelry...
Rainy Day Painting February-18-2014
Rainy days on the Oregon Coast are incredibly inspiring. The storm energy and sounds of the rain and gale gusts hitting the studio are the perfect elements to charge a great painting session. On our 'Wet Paint' page, I'm posting the works-in-progress (or WIPs) from the studio and gallery. This current WIP is being created on a piece of Sitka from the Oregon Coast Community Forest project and is a rendering of the Yaquina Head lighthouse viewed from the North.smallnorthsidewip.jpg
Newest Ozone Artist... January-24-2014

 This piece is currently residing on the couch, but not for long. This is the latest fresh work from Casey McEneny, a blend of wood sculpting, painting, and inlay. He works in both representational and abstract imagery with a language of shapes, contrasts, and harmonious compositions. Including this piece, Casey has 10 pieces in the current show. If you have not experienced his work (such as the large mural coming into Waldport from the South), you owe it to yourself to see this installation in ReNEW, ReClaim, ReMIND. Did I mention he works on local wood? Yeah, this is what we mean by the theme of this show.




January 2014: 3rd Annual

ReNEW, ReClaim, ReMIND

New Year, New Art from ReClaimed objects, the Science of Upcycling and making fresh things out of what *was*. Artists such as Leighton Blackwell (shown here) create work from found objects and local resources. The Oregon Coast Community Forest group have worked with us on an ongoing project to provide artist's panels made from the local woods. We feature several painted panels in this show as a result of a successful collaboration. See the variety of interpretations of upcycling, use of renewable resources, and eco-minded artwork by local artists. 

Arist's Demonstrations:

February, we'll feature Doug Haga painting pieces of art with amazing hand created brushes in a dance of movement, paint, balance, and immediacy. Doug builds his own brushes of special pieces of wood and hair or fur that have unique marks and stroke styles. With these brushes, he applies paint in emotive strokes similar to sumi brush painting with a more universal flair. Doug will treat us to explanations as well as generating pieces while we watch, stay tuned for dates and times.

  March 2014:

Spectrum Show/Ozone Anniversary III

See the gallery parsed into rooms devoted to one color at a time; red room, blue room, green... 

For the Love of Science in Art IV:

Art and Science have always collided from the chemical contents creating paint to the inherent beauty of scientific design. See the work of artists that create pieces based on science such as Ron Zaneveld, Oceanographer, and Kindra Crick, grand daughter to Francis Crick whom co-discovered DNA. Also experience pieces that amaze based on science such as kinetic sculptures by Breezy Anderson.